Funny Things to Ponder

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wow....Way Too Long!!

Well I guess that I have just been way too carried away with my regular every day stuff and haven't paid attention to my blog in over a year. It's been a difficult year so far for my family and I already but we are pushing through and staying focused on all the wonderful blessings that we have. Rick's mom passed away three days before my birthday in February and it was pretty unexpected. She was at our house regularly because she only lived around the corner from us and so there has been a big hole in our family. We all take comfort though in knowing that she is with Heavenly Father and dad and that she is no longer in pain.

Mom's passing has also opened some opportunities (in the way of finances) for us that we would not have otherwise had and so we are trying to explore our options and make well-informed decisions that will be beneficial for us in the long term. Brett is planning to graduate next year instead of the following year so we are all excited about that.

This year I am making more time for myself to explore the things that I like to do. For so many years I've just put my own interests aside and just taken care of and helped everyone else, this year is a year of change for my own personal development.