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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Well, I was just advised by my husband that it is starting to snow outside. I have recently been really "in to" taking photos, both of people and of the outdoors. I'm excited to be able to get some snow pictures, although I do hear that it can be tricky to get it to not look blue. I also have other mixed emotions about the snow as I do not like the cold or driving in it. I was able to take some family pictures of my cousin Lynn and her growing family as well as my Aunt Kittie, her husband Dave and their kids and grandkids at the Christmas Party on Sunday. I really enjoyed doing the pictures for them as finances are tight for them all right now and this was an inexpensive way of helping them to keep memories of those that they are close to without having to spend lots of money to do it. I am planning to do some more research on photo-taking and possibly even take a photography class if I can do it without a lot of expense myself. I am using some photos that I have taken and some music that I have recorded in my Christmas presents that I am giving this year. If anyone has any special requests, let me know.

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